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In this introductory course, we discuss the scientific stories behind 10 of
HST’s most spectacular images. These 10 images were chosen on the basis of
their visual beauty and scientific impact and to illustrate the breadth of HST
astronomy. The lectures are organized to address the images one by one from
near to far, beginning with the solar system, then on to stars and nebulae in
the Milky Way Galaxy, individual galaxies, systems of galaxies, and finally,
the universe at large. In each of these lectures, the HST image is discussed
in terms of its broad astrophysical context and the specific implications of
its findings. Along the way, these “Hubble stories” provide an inside look at
the history and operation of HST as it is used to attack the most important
problems in modern astrophysics. A key emphasis throughout the course is
how HST’s unique imaging capabilities have made its discoveries possible.
Specific contrasts are drawn between HST’s view of the universe and those
of the naked eye and ground-based telescopes.

12 lectures – 30 minutes each, Plus a detailed 65 page PDF Course Guide included.


LECTURE 1 The Rationale for a Space Telescope

LECTURE 2 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter

LECTURE 3 The Sagittarius Star Cloud

LECTURE 4 The Star Factory Inside the Eagle Nebula

LECTURE 5 The Cat Eye Nebula—A Stellar Demise

LECTURE 6 The Crab Nebula—A Supernova Aftermath

LECTURE 7 The Sombrero Galaxy—An Island Universe

LECTURE 8 Hubble View of Galaxies Near and Far

LECTURE 9 The Antennae Galaxies—A Cosmic Collision

LECTURE 10 Abell 2218—A Massive Gravitational Lens

LECTURE 11 The Hubble Ultra Deep Field

LECTURE 12 Hubble Legacy and Beyond



Experiencing Hubble TTC Video
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This series of lectures discusses 12 topics based on 12 hand-picked
essays out of 100 or so written for Natural History magazine since
1995. Although they do not follow a particular curriculum, they
nonetheless represent the professors favorite cosmic subjects. And, not
surprisingly, they represent topics for which the general public harbors a
sustained and insatiable interest.

12 lectures – 30 minutes each, Plus a detailed 100 page PDF Course Guide included.


LECTURE 1 On Being Round

LECTURE 2 On Being Rarefied

LECTURE 3 On Being Dense

LECTURE 4 Death by Black Hole

LECTURE 5 Ends of the World

LECTURE 6 Coming Attractions

LECTURE 7 Onward to the Edge

LECTURE 8 In Defense of the Big Bang

LECTURE 9 The Greatest Story Ever Told

LECTURE 10 Forged in the Stars

LECTURE 11 The Search for Planets

LECTURE 12 The Search for Life in the Universe



My Favorite Universe TTC Video
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Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids TTC Video
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